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Over 30,000 customers throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, & Alabama put their faith and trust in the Redd Man. 

Our Mission

Our Core Focus

Our mission as a pest management company is to promote our role as the protectors of food, health, property and the environment by using technical knowledge and communication skills.


Our Core Values

Our five core values listed below help define our culture at Redd and how we work:  

  1. Professional.

  2. Exceptional Service.

  3. Accountability. 

  4. Customer-Focus

  5. Experience.


Our Company Policy

  • To provide our customers with service of the highest value and benefit to them, as measured by their standards and our desire for quality and workmanship. To provide service consistent with our desire to protect the environment.

  • To deal fairly with our employees and provide them with the opportunity to pursue worthwhile and rewording careers with assured security for their retirement years.

  • To be a good citizen of the communities we serve by contributing time, money and personnel to worthwhile civic activities

  • To meet our obligations by making a satisfactory profit and carrying out a continued program of sound, consistent growth and expansion.


Our Service Guarantee

Above all, we value our customer relationships and the Redd Man is committed to providing each customer with quality service and total customer satisfaction.

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