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24/7/365, year-after-year, protection against termites because a termite's search for food never rests.

3-Step Approach


1) Inspection

Our treatment program begins with a thorough inspection inside and outside of your home to carefully check the crevices and crawl spaces where intruders may live.

After a thorough inspection, your Redd Man will provide you a pest analysis and service estimate for your home.  We will prescribe a strategy to address the current problems and communicate recommendations.

3) Treatment

We begin the initial intensive treatment inside and outside of your home. When the current pest problem is taken care of, we shift our emphasis to the exterior of your home to prevent future pest problems.

2) Analysis & Estimate

"Hank Griffith, the Termite Manager, leads a team of 1st class technicians with an efficient support staff from the headquarters. The Redd family has always served with quality and value."

M. Marshall - Gulfport, MS - 2020 Google Review




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What To Expect

The No. 1 Brand in Termite Protection

How it works.    
A certified Sentricon Specialist™ technician will...

Inspect your property for sings of termites.


Inspects your property for signs of termites.



Places Sentricon stations containing Recruit HD termite bait in the soil around your property.

Inspect your property for sings of termites.


Continue monitoring Sentricon stations as needed to protect against future infestations.

Easy to live with.    
To eliminate existing termite colonies or protect against invading colonies, Sentricon stations are placed in the soil around your home. This is much less disruptive to your family, buildings and landscaping than other termite treatments.


  • No drilling in floors or foundations

  • No extensive digging or trenching in the landscape and other areas around your home

  • No chemical solution injected in the ground under and around your home

  • No tank trucks of chemical solution

  • No scheduling hassles

Reliable, ongoing protection.

The constant presence of the Sentricon System and attention from the professionals at Redd Pest Solutions give you and your family peace of mind. Whether you have an existing subterranean termite problem, or a recommendation is made for a preventative program, the Redd Man has the perfect plan for you. 

And to help with budget, we offer the convenience of automatic monthly billing for the annual termite renewal using AutoPay. We also offer savings to customers who bundle multiple services.


See our Preferred Plans w/AutoPay for more information!

The Redd Man protects thousands of customers using the Sentricon System.  With ongoing service from a Certified Sentricon Specialist™, it keeps protecting your home 24/7/365, year after year.


Standalone Termite Solution.

What do fences, fire alarms, floodlights and the Sentricon® system have in common? 

(video - 3:37)

Giving Back - Training Facility
Redd family donates $50,000 to Mississippi State University for a new termite training facility.  The new facility is dedicated in memory of Redd Pest Control's founders and it will be the first hands-on training facility of its kind in Mississippi. Pest control operators throughout the state and neighboring states will be able to provide the best termite training available for their termite technicians.

3D Liquid vs. Bait
By going underground where termites live you will get a feel for what termites want — to eat 24/7. See how the Sentricon System works and learn about the differences between Sentricon and liquid treatments.

(video - 3:26)

Preserving U.S. History
Many historical landmarks across the United States are protected by Sentricon. Add the caretakers of these national treasures to the millions of homeowners, builders, architects and others who trust Sentricon.

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