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1273 Azalea Rd.

Mobile, AL 36693

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1273 Azalea Rd.

Mobile, AL 36693

Phone:  (251) 660-1550

Fax (251) 660-1560

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The Redd Man offers pest control solutions to homes and businesses throughout south Alabama. To see if we service in your area, please choose the city below that is closest to you:






  • Pest Control and Prevention
    Because every business and every structure is different, Redd Pest Solutions professionals will design customized integrated pest management programs that fit the specific needs of your business and property. Our program sets the standard for a new level of service.

  • Drain Line Services
    A comprehensive program that addresses organic and grease build-up in your drain system using microbes. Significantly reduces odors, clogged lines and flies in your drains.

  • Flying Insect Program
    Redd Pest Solutions's unique, targeted program involves the integration of solutions measures, preventative applications and sanitation consulting that focuses specifically on flying insects.

  • Mosquito Solutions Program
    Redd Pest Solutions's program focuses specifically on mosquito larvae that develops in standing water - to solutions them from developing into breeding, biting adults.

  • Bird Solutions Program
    A Redd Pest Solutions professional can survey your property to customize the best solution for your bird situation. Our program incorporates various solutions techniques and systems that repel pesky birds in a manner that is both humane and environmentally friendly.

  • Termite Protection
    When we say that Redd Pest Solutions is a Leader in Pest Technology, that includes termite prevention and protection. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and materials. Whether its Termidor® liquid treatment or the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, Redd Pest Solutions offers you choices to meet all your termite needs.