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Over 30,000 customers throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, & Alabama put their faith and trust in the Redd Man. 



On January 1, 1946, with $1,200 cash, a used van, a few valuable contacts, and a theme of service, J.C. Redd started the company Redd Pest Control located in Jackson, MS.  Over time, Redd Pest Control grew into one of the largest pest companies in the industry covering eight states.   In 1999,  J.C.’s business was sold by his son Richard, with the exception of several franchised territories owned by family members in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

As one of the oldest companies in our industry, Redd has had thousands; upon thousands of customers throughout the years say: “when is my Reddman coming…” or “Mom, the Reddman is here…” In the late 1950’s, the company adopted the theme “Call the Redd Man” based on the heritage started by customers. During this same period, Redd also established a new logo which included a Native American boy.  Founder, J.C. Redd and his family members are direct descendants of the Cherokee and Choctaw Nations. The Redd family takes great pride in their Native American ancestry.


Today, family-owned and operated, Redd Pest Solutions is a fourth generation company with second, third, and fourth generation family members actively serving. Thanks to our loyal and dedicated customers, the Redd Man is still a leader in pest management professionals along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.  Above all, dedicated employees always strive to protect food, health, and property for our customers through quality service.

Listed below is a brief time table of Redd Pest Control of Gulfport, Mississippi.

1946 - J.C. Redd started the company Redd Pest Control. Soon after he started the company in Jackson MS, he solicited the help of several family members.

1952 - J.C. and Gordon Redd, Sr. incorporated the coastal operation.

1970 - Gordon Redd, Sr. purchased the assets of the coastal operation from his brother, and became the sole owner of Redd Pest Control of Gulfport, Mississippi.

1972 - The second generation of Gordon Redd's family, Gordon, Jr. and Kenny Redd became active in the coastal operation.

1988 - Gordon, Jr. and Kenny became co-owners of Redd Pest Control of Gulfport, Mississippi when they purchased the operation from their father.

2004 - Redd Pest Control of Gulfport, Mississippi changed its service name and began doing business as Redd Pest Solutions with the same ownership, management, and dedicated employees.

2006 - 2010 - Redd Pest Solutions acquires:

  • Pest Service Unlimited (Hattiesburg, MS), 

  • Protech Services (Jackson, MS), and 

  • EA Redd Pest Control Inc. (Natchez, MS).

2015 - Gordon Redd Jr. and Kenny Redd developed two independently owned companies from the original company established in 1952.   Under this plan: 

  • Gordon Redd, Jr. and his family continue the leadership of Redd Pest Solutions, serving customers in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. 

  • Kenny Redd and his family also continue their role of leadership, serving customers in the state of Alabama.

Today, the third and fourth generations of the Redd family serve active roles in the company.

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IN LOVING MEMORY OF GORDON L. REDD, SR. (April 24, 1923 - January 23, 2011) read more...


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